Fred Joseph Nick, 1951-2014

Fred Nick, former Director of CSSCR, passed away in September 2014. In his over forty years of service to the University of Washington, he touched the lives of thousands of students, staff and faculty. Publishing Consultant Dixielynn Gleason summarized the feelings of many impacted by Fred's life in our Fall 2014 Newsletter:

Fred was brilliant, self-effacing, quietly generous, warm and welcoming. He was very much culturally Italian; if he couldn't offer you food (we had the most delicious staff meetings, open houses and graduation parties), he gave you his knowledge (vast),time (never grudged), and regard (beaming, unpretentious). Fred was delighted by toys, dogs, the beauty of nature, the poetry of mathematics, and the never-ending weirdness and joy and potential of humankind.

A memorial service was held in Kane Hall on 20 October, 2014. The event was broadcasted online through CSSCR's Ustream account. An archived version of the video is available on our YouTube page, available below in its entirety.

The slideshow shown throughout the above video is available here.